Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tsavorite Pave Jewelry

One hundred times more rare than emeralds, tsavorites are one of the most beautiful of green gemstones.  They were discovered first in 1967 and are considered a modern gemstone.  The crystalline structure of tsavorites make than more brilliant than emeralds.  And the best thing about tsavorites?  They are less than a half the price of emeralds.  The best tsavorites are a rich green with a slight bluish secondary hue.  Tsavorites are in fact a type of  garnet.

Here are a few tsavorites from my collection.  I will be using them in a pave style with diamonds.

These are truly majestic.  I have seen a pave tsavorite ring with a solitaire red diamond (likely the most expensive type of gemstone per carat) done by Sotheby's.  Let me know in the comments whether you think these would go well with other stones and what you would like to see them with?

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