Saturday, November 1, 2008

Diamond Grading: The Four C's

Gabi Tolkowski, one of the greatest diamond cutters, in an interview with the The StarPhoenix, talks about the 4 C's:
The Four Cs to me is a program that teaches consumers and the people to know what they should look for. . . . Those are four elements that are the basic tools to understand how a diamond should be looking. But you cannot go and impose on a person who likes an oblong shape to go into a square one. You can't force somebody who likes the shape of a drop to get a round one. What about all those that are loved by other people? It's no more Four Cs, it's millions of Cs.
Tolkowski has cut some great diamonds such as the Centenary Diamond and the Golden Jubilee Diamond, the largest faceted diamond in the world at 545 carats.

Golden Jubilee Diamond

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