Saturday, February 28, 2009

Angelina's Oscar Earrings and Ring with Green Quartz

Earring Stones

Center Ring Stone

I have had a number of requests for earrings like Angelina Jolie's but using a more affordable natural green stone.  I managed to pick up a matching set of Green Quartz (also called Prasiolite or Green Amethyst).  The color is a beautiful, rich green. 

The earrings would have a total weight of 70 cts, consisting of a cushion cut top stone and a tear drop (pear) bottom stone.  The ring stone is also a cushion cut stone and weighs 28.6 carats.  In terms of size, I think the stones are similar to Angelina Jolie’s jewelry.  Th
e ring stone is 19mm wide. The top stone for the earring (the cushion cut) is about 14 mm wide and the tear drop stone is almost 27 mm long.  I chose these stones as the best matching set out of a very large package that my Brazilian dealer had.  This is an excellent color for green quartz.  Email me if you are interested in something similar.

Although these are a different shade of green from emeralds they have their own special beauty.  Their large size and fire will make the same statement that Angelina's did on the red carpet.

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