Friday, February 27, 2009

Choosing Aquamarine Stones

I thought I would add a couple of pictures of what it is like going through a parcel of stones to choose a few that represent the best of the pack.  Aquamarine, as well as topaz and alexandrite, show their best side under light conditions at night.  The value of aquamarine increases dramatically as the color becomes more intense.  Exceptional stones should have an icy blue quality to them.

In 1954, a 34 kilogram aquamarine was found and named after the Miss Brazil of that year.  Her eyes were said to match the color of the stone exactly.  Gems that are cut from that stone are said to be the finest aquamarine ever.

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  1. I have two (2) stones that I would like to sell. One is a 16.8x15.6 mm cushion cut natural aquamarine weighing approximately 17.0 carats. The other is 22.50 carats and I believe a solitaire cut. I would love to know the value of these two stones and would be willing to discuss a sale. My email is:
    Thank you very much for your response in advance.
    K. Stevens