Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Angelina Jolie Red Carpet Earrings with Citrine


Angelina Jolie recently made a splash on the red carpet at the Oscar's by wearing some fantastic emerald earrings. The sheer size and rich color made her a standout among all the stars. Since then I have been asked by a number of clients to create them earrings with the following two qualities: they must be big and beautiful; they must have lots of color. Since emeralds this size are beyond the budget of most, we have been looking at other natural stones. Take a look at the set in Prasiolite (also called green amethyst).

Below are a set of citrine stones that would make similar earrings.


The earrings would have a total weight of 49.47 cts!! They consist of two high quality, cushion cut citrine stones weighing a total of 16.88 cts and two teardrop (pear) citrines weighing a total 32.59 carats. The color is a wonderful deep orange which makes it much more desirable (and valuable) compared to the yellowy / lemony citrines that you typically find in your local jewelry store. They would certainly make you stand out in a crowd! Please email me or send me a note if you are interested in something similar.

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  1. How much would you charge for the Citrine earings displayed above?

  2. Please email me at info@sozaidesigns.com for a personalized design and quote.
    - Sophia