Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gold Coin Jewelry


Mints around the world are reporting souring sales of gold coins.  Demand is being driven by the financial crisis as people look for safe havens for their investments.  American Eagle gold coins sales shot up from 140,000 ounces of sales in 2007 to 710,000 ounces.  The Royal Canadian Mint has quadrupled its production of Maple Leaf bullion coins. 

On the jewelry side, we are seeing that yellow gold jewelry is becoming more fashionable compared to white gold.  People understand the increasing value of yellow gold and want to show it off in their jewelry. Investors are beginning to see really fine jewelry not just as a fashion item but as a store of wealth.  I am also getting demand for the incorporation of gold coins in custom-designed jewelry.  I will keep you posted on my upcoming gold jewelry designs…..


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  1. Thanks for the great Reading,we buy gold bullion in a recession.i will pass this to our ira clints.