Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eva Longoria’s Pink Earrings on Cannes Red Carpet

'Robin Hood' Premiere and the opening ceremony of 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival        .

Eva Longoria was elegant as always as she attended the Robin Hood premiere at Cannes.  She sported very pretty, pink earrings which are being reported as being coral.  They look like conch pearls but perhaps are a little bit too big for being conch.

Photo by: KGC42/ 2010 5/12/10 Eva Longoria at the premiere of Robin Hood at

Conch pearls are a delicate pink color, rather rare and generally expensive.  You can also get them in colors of beige, yellow and white.  Unlike like oyster pearls, they do not have nacre but display a flamelike effect called “chatoyancy”.

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