Monday, February 21, 2011

South Sea Gold Pearl Pendant


I found this extraordinary South Sea, gold pearl from a Japanese pearl dealer who comes to New York from time to time.  The pearl is 17 mm.  I wanted the setting of the pearl to be clean and straightforward.  The key was to make sure that nothing detracted from or obscured the pearl, and so I set it with an elegant citrine.  The citrine complements the color of the pearl.

The most expensive gold pearls have a deep rich color and lustre.  I think that gold pearls are underutilized in jewelry.  Especially when you are able to find such a large and gorgeous one as above, the simplest jewelry becomes the boldest.

My Japanese pearl dealer will be in town next week, so email or call me if you have any special requests.  He specializes in fine white pearls, gold South Sea as well as large Tahitian pearls. 

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