Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring


I am working on a new ring.  It will have a large round semi-opaque aquamarine center stone surrounded by diamonds.  I am making it out of wax and then will cast it in gold.  Here are some early pictures.


The first picture shows the diamond halo that will surround the aquamarine.  The ring is still looking very crude at this stage but has been marked on the wax block.


The ring shank is beginning to take shape and is being measured against the diamonds that will be added to the halo and shank.


Here is the wax piece close to being finished.  The shank and the halo are now joined.  The setting positions for the stones are set.  Just needs some smoothing out on top. 

Once I have it cast in metal I will show you the steps to set the stones.

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